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By angelsix
Well I don't know about anyone else but I am just getting tired of this guy posting saying he has hacked LCDs. Big deal, why does anyone else care and why does he seem so needy to mention "I am 100% sure I am the first". Controlling LCDs are mostly all identical, and with a scope and enough time any LCD can be programmed without the datasheet. The reason no one is doing this is because what is the point. Why waste time and money figuring out the interface for an unknown screen instead of just buying a known one with a datasheet? Perhaps the challenge and pleasure of managing it for a screen or 2, but why sit there and just take apart countless phone screens and program them, if its been done once its been done a million times.

What would be more constructive and interesting to people is to actually make a post about what you do, your general procedures for figuring out the interface standards and the likes, and document things like that. At least they are beneficial and partially interesting.
By mikeselectricstuff
Why waste time and money figuring out the interface for an unknown screen instead of just buying a known one with a datasheet?
Because the 'unknown' ones used in high-volume consumer electronics are often available a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of as spares than ones that come with datasheets.
However issues like connector non-availability , like the ipod one and not-quite-compatible clone controllers (like some batches of the Sparkfun 6610 ones) can spoil the party.

However it really isn't a big deal to reverse-engineer LCD protocols if you have the device that the LCD came from - although some people seem to get rather over-excited about it. The trickiest bit is usually breaking out the fine-pitch connector while keeping the product in a sufficiently working state.
By angelsix
I figured the cheapness was a nice option, I liked programming the £3 Nokia black and white screen. However, from any form of non-commercial use (or mass use)surely they aren't really bothered about saving £5 and wasting hours hacking it. From a commercial front or mass use you would save a lot more, however if it was mass use, I would then still not use it as I would prefer a guaranteed supply and function.

For example I get full colour TFT's 3.5" with touchscreen, FFC cable and the works for £15 per unit in low volume. Find that anywhere else on a knock off screen for any noticeable difference and I will be impressed.

By TheDirty
I'm not understanding your problem with this. These screens on eBay look like they are going for about $8 each shipped for singles. For a hobbyist, that's a good deal if it's not that difficult to control. Your 3.5" solution is 3 times the price. You have lots of money if you are not bothered with saving £5 and I'm pretty sure you are in the minority.

The Nokia 128x128 goes for $15 here and I'm sure they sell tons of them.
By TheDirty
Polish wrote:Dupek!! :lol: ... 2263350eea

Translation: ... l=pl&tl=en
Datasheet: ... LDS285.pdf

Well, according to the guide the IO voltage cannot go over 1.95V (guide says 1.8V, spec says 1.95V). You could change this if you could get access to the PSEL pin on the controller, but I guess you can't.

The PSEL (power level selection) pin maybe one of the ones he just tied to ground. If that limitation can't be gotten around it makes this LCD not very attractive for me.
By gonzodada
You're being a tiny bit grumpy but I do understand why you find it annoying :) There's a guy on a forum I frequent that gives an answer to like every single post even if he doesn't really know the answer, which is nearly always! I just can't help thinking, "Oh God. You again! Do shut up."
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