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By tz
As some have asked


I.e put something in parallel or replace it?
By asilloo

Capacitor ! , How I can connect it, where? forgive me I just try to fix my problem. thanks for all tz.
By tz
On the side across from the connector is the existing capacitor. The new one needs to be paralled with it or you need to remove this cap and solder in a new one.
By zybr
hmm, im having the same problem. I just got my breakout board last week(its identical with the SFE product picture, is that a good or a bad thing?)

I tried putting differenct capacitors in parallel with the big one, but with no luck. No ACK at all. I used a bunch slighty old elctrolytes in ranges of 4k7uf,33uf and 100uf...

on a side note. The greyish bar on the cap on the board is facing to positive end(you can also see that on the SFE picture). i thought the bar(minus?) was to face the negative end, thats how i place the eletrolytes i have been using :shock:

..its so frustrating :cry:
By asilloo

In the picture there are the Logic Level Converter,arduino and HMC5843, if I want to connect the capacitor which the legs I'll use;

legs of HMC5843 : VCC,SDA,SCL
lgs of logic level converter: TXI,RXD,LV, RXO,TXI (LV side)
arduino : 3V3,5V, analog in 4, analog in 5.

what I can say, Just thank you very much ;)

By tz
At the bottom right in the image, the orange wire goes over the cap. You might try putting it across V+ and ground (observing polarity of the cap if any).
By zybr
You have no pull up resistors?. My i2c commands hangs if i dont have 4k7ohm pull ups on both lines.....
By xxedguyxx
zybr wrote:You have no pull up resistors?. My i2c commands hangs if i dont have 4k7ohm pull ups on both lines.....
No he is using the Logic Level converter which convert the RX and TX datalines from 5V to 3.3V :wink:

I'm having the same breakout board with the 10uF cap. But does anyone exactly know to what kind of cap i have to change it to?
And which program are you using, the arduino program or AVR-GCC? (WIN-AVR)?

I'm pretty new here, so Hi to all!
By tz
A 10uF ceramic works - on the breakout board product page I posted the digikey partnumber. Any low ESR would work, the only problem is they are usually larger, but the one I found was 0603 so is smaller than the existing one.
By asilloo

Is there any one did this sensor work with Arduino, if the answer YES, please upload some videos on youtube so we can see what we have to do.
By asilloo

I still work on this sensor, But I have the same problem, I just want to check if the sensor are work as well or not, is the sensor have 40uF and 5uF or not?as a picture.

By tz
The black C106L is the problematic cap.

The values measured are likely off because they are in circuit.
By asilloo
The black C106L gives 16uF, is it the problem?
By tz
It is not the capacitance as such, but the effective series resistance or ESR. The capacitor can't provide a high surge current because it has to go through this virtual resistor which might only be a few ohms (Typical values are in milliohms for other types). ... -draw.html