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By markatlnk
I seem to be having a problem getting the
CP2102 breakout board working under linux.

The system I am working under is Fedora
Core 4 updated to the latest kernel 2.6.13. My program was not working, so I switched to minicom and connected the rxd to txd lines together. The expected results would be to
see characters echo back when typed on keyboard. What happens is characters typed on keyboard are buffered somewhere and then sent if I tell minicom to send a break condition. Looking at the txd signal with a scope, the characters are not sent until just before the break signal.

Attempting to change input such as CTS,DSR, DCD, or RI does not appear to have an affect.
The setup for minicom has all flow control set to off.

Any help to get this to work as expected would be of great help.