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By SOI_Sentinel
Yup, I'm still around, been working on other projects during the summer that needed to get done (house).

I've been thinking of how useful it would be to take any motorized digital camera and convert it into a remote camera. As long as you're willing to sacrifice the camera, button control is easy. Live video would either have to come off a a video output into a video converter or by (this would be a different project) hacking the LCD so it's LCD would output directly into a microcontroller for video digital transfer. You could still snap high res photos with the setup.

Now, the issue of post, has anyone actually designed a dummy SD or CF connection so that you could fake a memory card or just man in the middle it. The obvious reasoning behind this is being able to transmit the JPEG back to the base station without a recovery operation of the photo unit.

In theory I could do all this with a small PC, but that's the last thing I want to deal with. The hope is to strap this to something eventually, so small, specialized, and efficient are keys. The original idea that spawned this was hacking a Panazonic Lumix into a turret mounted camera system for a large UAV design.