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By zbalz
Hey guys, I want to get to learn the USB protocol along with interfacing USB into micros a bit better. I was just wondering which of the following do you think you are the best methods.

I understand many of the 18 series PICs offer USB included..but I currently work on 16 series (always can upgrade though).

So which do you prefer for learning USB and for ease of use/learning:

(1) Stick with 16 series and interface it to an external USB transciever/host/chip directly.
(2) Stick with 16 series and interface it to a USB UART IC through a MAX3100 or MAX232.
(3) Upgrade to 18 series pics and learn about the build in USB functionality.

Which do you think is best to do to learn? Any recommended chips? Also, any idea where I can find sample code or application notes for any of these?

Thanks guys!

By jayjay

I havent looked at the PIC recently, the last time I wanted a USB module, I used the 16C745, I am sure Microchip has come out with Flash based parts by now, iirc, they alos have a HID demo code in the download section, it might be worthwhile to download that and explore.

I think the Maxim chips you refer to are just RS232 level translators, you might still need a USB->UART bridge chip like FT232 or CP2103. This option ofcourse does not need any knowledge of the USB transfers (like setting up the endpoints, reports etc).

If you are keen on learning the internals of USB data transfer, then I would suggest use the PIC or HC08JB8, and it might help to get hold of the books like USB By Example or USB Complete.

By zbalz
Thanks for the reply.

I think I am going to start from scratch and work with a 16 series PIC rather than working with 18 series or 'cheating' with a UART -> USB converter IC.

If it gets too complicated for me then Ill explore the other options.

Thanks for the book recommendations as well.