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By B!Tz
Hello ppl, to say it easy im a newbee to this world..
I can read and write C, im very interesseted in the work you guys are doing and i wanna get started to!

My fist project is to rebuild a magnetic cardreader..
But i need help,..

I need to transer chars from the cardreader to my computer, at the keyboards port or via the com port i actually dont mind..

First I tryed finding some documentations on my modules, and the serial com port, it worked fine, and i fould a way to connect the wires from my cardreader to my computers com port.. but nothing happend, even thoug i used programs to listen the port, and stuff..
Now ive realised that there is more to it then simply just connecting those wires.. and ive turned to you in a desperet call for help..

In order to help me i've collected some pictures and some names and numbers..

my cardreader was "found" in a securaty keypad.. the type they use at industrial doors, like verifications points..
well, ive detached this reader and it seams to have 5 wires, "brown, red, orange, yellow and green"..
At the back of this reader is typed:

card reader
volts: 5vdc
lot no.

I've also taken some pictures to view you guys what im actualy talking about.:


Now as you see on the images, i've got the keypad to, maby i could use that for components or not, i don't know..

I'we been able to google up a documentation file for this card reader.. Im just sorry that im not that much in to development of these dimentions to figure out the diagram,, ... YR-HSR.pdf

Please help me getting started..