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By encode

I've bought myself a BlueSMiRF, and a crystalfontz 634 character LCD (I'd link the datasheet, but their site seems down currently), in the hopes of connecting the two together.
When I connect the LCD directly to my computer using the RS-232 connection, everything works fine. However, when connected to the BlueSMiRF receiver, with the appropriate jumper (JPE) closed (to set the LCD to use 0 to 5v inputs rather than RS-232), I only get garbage displayed on the LCD.

Any ideas?

I've tested that the BlueSMiRF connection actually works by connecting the Tx pin to the Rx pin, and everything i type gets repeated in hyperterminal, so I'm pretty sure thats not the problem.
I figured it might have been something to do with the baud settings, so I've tried a few different baud rates, in addition to different parity options, and I always get garbage.
The interesting thing is, when repeating a single character a number of times, the garbage shown on the LCD is around 50% of the time the same character repeating, though it isn't the input'd character, and is intersperced with other characters.
By wiml
If it isn't baud rate ... could the voltage levels be inverted?