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By messi
Hi everybody.

I would like to know if someone is willing to have a look on my schematic/layout.
J-Pad is a hand held device based on the LPC2148.
It would be very helpful for me if someone could have a look on it before I order the PCBs. I ask because the project complexity is now far away from easy.

If some one is interested in the schematics/layout.
Please send me an email at
I will answer questions to the project here on this forum.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards


I have realized the following features:

- main board 6 layer
- sensor board 4 layer (capacitive touch sensor)
- expansion board 2 layer
- JTAG adapter board 2 layer

- Dimensions : 46 x 90mm (~ 1.8 x 3.5 inches)
- Height with sensor board : 4.5mm
- Height with extension board: 7.5mm

- LPC2148
- USB connector mini A-B
- JTAG Interface (special JTAG Adapter)

- 1000mA Li-Poly Battery (single Cell)
- Battery AC/USB Charger bq24032 from Ti
- Battery Monitor bq27210 from Ti (I2C)
- Pushbutton controller LTC2953 from Linear

Interface & Display:
- Capacitive Touch controller AD7147 from Analog (I2C)
- OLED 160x128 from Univision (SPI1 interface)

- uSD support (SPI1)

- VS1053B from VLSI (SPI0)
- Radio Module AR1000 (I2C)
- Headphone, LineIn or Microphone

- Bluetooth LMX9838 from National (Full UART1)
- GPS MG-S01SP from Modulestek 19mmx19mm with antenna (expansion Board) (UART0)

- Compass HMC 1052L
- 3Axis Accelerator LiS302L from STMicroelectronics (I2C)
- Pressure Sensor (Alti-/Barometer) SCP1000 (I2C)
- Temperature LM73 from National (I2C)
- Ambient Light Sensor TEMT6000
- Color Light sensor ADJD-S371-Q999 from AVAGO (expansion Board) (I2C)
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