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By nickgailloux
Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and to the IC world. I'm a 20-year old Network Engineering Technologist and I've always been interested in IC's and embedded systems. I'd like to start getting into it as a hobby and for my first go at it, I have a project I'd like to do. I'll explain it a bit and maybe the experts can let me know what I'll need to get started? Also, I've done PHP, Perl, VisualBasic, HTML and Javascript programming, so whatever programming language I have to learn, I imagine I should be able to pick up the basics?

So this is what I want to do. Right now I have a remote control for my Media Center PC and it can only control the Media Center. It has a button for "TV" and also "Volume Up/Down" buttons. I want to completly disconnect these buttons from the IC in the remote and re-route them to my own IC. My IC will have these three buttons, and when pressed, it will fire out some IR signals via an IR blaster. Ideally, my circut will also have an IR reciever so that it can learn the codes for its three functions from other remotes (IE my TV and amplifier).

So to recap, all my circit is going to be is 3 buttons controlling IR blasing and recieving. I imagine it will all be controlled my a PIC or ATINY microchip that I will program with my PC. Unfortunaly I dont have a serial or parallel port on my PC, so will a USB to Serial dongle work with the serial programmers?

If anyone could help get me started, maybe with a list of parts I'll need including a programmer, some software, and maybe a good tutorial to learn the code?

Thanks very much everyone!