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By dbrownjr
I have purchased ARA-ME-01 fingerprint scanner. I have a HSC12 microcontroller I would like to use to program the scanner. This microcontroller is connected to other circuitry on the Dragon 12 board. Can someone send me the demo or test application? Has anyone had any success programming the scanner through a microcontroller?

My email address is
dbrownjr wrote:
AJ wrote:I get a lot of requests for the demo app so i have hosted it at the link below.

Thank you AJ.

Are there any instructions or a manual for using the demo app? I want to test is properly, before I start programing it to the Dragon 12.
All the docs for the module are on the sparkfun website under the product listing, the demp app is pretty straightforward when used along side the module docs :)
By Kushan101

First of all thanks for all who participated in this forum. Specially for AJ.

I'm having a problem with interfacing this with a PIC trough RS232. (MAX3232 is the best solution. but the IC is not available in my local market. :( ). So Im using MAX232
MAX232's Tx, Rx Level is 5V and this fingerprint reader's 3.3v. Not sure whether it can connect directly or not. So I have planned to connect it trough a transistor level shifter. But not sure about my design. (I'm not a electronic expert. ). If some one can review it and comment its a great help :D . and also If the design is OK, I wanna know what are the resistor values can use for R1 and R2.
Best Regards for all.
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By Daniel Wee
For just 1m long of cabling, I'd get rid of the RS-232 stuff altogether and just operate on TTL-levels. You probably don't need any level conversion between the 5V and 3.3V for the UART stuff, especially if your inputs are 5V tolerant. If you are concerned, just put a 3.3V zener to clamp the 3.3V RX input. That would make like a lot easier.

By Kushan101
Thank you Daniel.

Hi all,

I'm happy to say that I could manage to do most of the stuffs with this finger Print Reader. Its working fine. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
But the things are difficult with these sketchy documentation. Now i have 2 questions. I need to create an ID from finger Prints to user in an external application.

01. When I read image from sensor & get it to the PC (read image by 0x01 command & get to PC by 0x0A (this command not listed in the doc. but this cmd is use in that test app.))
I can catch the data part from the list of packets.
But in here i have a doubt. packet structure says that data part(after packet length 2 bytes and before check sum 2 bytes) there are N bytes of command and 1-N parameters. What is this N ????
And Im also tried to convert entire data part to an image by ignoring that command part.
But when I'm trying to convert the data part into an image in c#, its says that data incorrect. So how to get an image from this data ??? In this way I can create an ID from this finger print Image.

Other way is to get an ID from a finger print is use that feature document. But unfortunately in here also I'm fail. every time I'm reading the feature document I'm getting different data set. Every time I'm scanning my index finger. but different feature doc. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
but when I'm using the Match 1:1 in the test app. it get success. What is this way of matching two finger print feature documents ?????
Pls help me on this..

Also if some one having a problem regarding up to this level, I'm happy to help you all. post a reply on the forum, I'll definitely reply . I'm monitoring this thread.

Regards to you all.
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By morenowyes
Hi and thanks to all for the information here - It took a while but I am making progress on integrating this.
I am trying to write a full documented source code for accessing all the features but I am having trouble locating any information
on the parameters that are required for certain functions. Does anyone have a cheat sheet for this?
I will post the full code for anyone to use when its working and a compiled version if people just want to play!
Does anyone know why there is so little data around for this even from the manufacturer??? Wierd you would
hope they would want people to use them!!!!
By Lmdriver
hi all,
I m working on ARA-EM01 finger print module and I wrote a program for that module but i m unable to communicate with fingerprint module. ie;
i m sending the command packets and their is no response from the module. If some can help me out! what might be the problem with the module or my program.
I want to tell a thing that i m connecting the module through the COMPORT.

thanks all
By Kushan101

First make sure whether your circuit is correct. If you connect this to COM port,
you have to connect through 3.3v to RS232 Level Converter. You can use MAX3232.
check other connection also. I have posted a sample schematic above.
If these things are correct, you must get a response from the device. check you boud rate also.
Others on this forum told that default Boud Rate is 115200. but my device came with 57600.

first check with this command. this is to read system parameters.

0xEF 0x01 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0x01 0x00 0x03 0x0F 0x00 0x13

you will get a response like

EF 01 FF FF FF FF 07 00 13 00 00 05 00 09 00 78 00 03 FF FF FF FF 00 02 00 06 04 A7

you can use dataSheet to understand these data. and play with other commands also. :P


By dbrownjr
[[quote="morenowyes"] I have emailed the manufacturers about the same issue,but I have not gotten back a reply. Will keep you informed![quote]
By Lmdriver
Hi all,
I m also using the ara-em01 fingerprint slider. I went as ths forum says about the fingerprint slider, but now i am getting
the error as Bad address while writing into the fingerprint. please let me know how to correct this error.
:cry: :?: :roll:
advance thanks
By Lmdriver
hi kushan,
I have checked the supply and the baudrate but now the error is coming something else, thanks for that.
If u and any 1 in forum knows about the error i m getting please suggest me.

again thanks in advance
By Kushan101

have you test the device with the Test Application provided by AJ. ?
and lemme know more about the error you getting.
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