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By Michelle L.
Anybody managed to find anything else or do something about the ARA-ME-01 Fingerprint Slide Scanner?

I found that it's using AuthenTec's AES2510 Sensor. But cant manage to get anything about the hardware interface for the ARA-ME-01 itself.

I'll post what i found for the hardware ref for the sensor itself if anybody wants it.. including what application notes i have...
By ams0178
Hi Michele,

Did you manage to find any other documentation of the fingerprint scanner? I want to buy the sensor but I'm worried about the capabilities of using it with such sketchy documentation.

By Michelle L.
Hi Alan,

I haven't actually gotten the sensor yet myself. I do recommend that you read up on the updated serial interface document first since that's the only documentation you can get on the internet, even if it doesn't seem quite complete but at least the command sets are there. I even tried searching on China's search engine but it seems nobody is using the OEM Module to do any projects as yet.

But, here's what i managed to get from the manufacturer regarding the connector specific to J2. ... 1.25mm.JPG ... %BC%89.jpg

Sorry if i couldn't offer much help. But the individual documentations i found don't actually provide much help since the interface is with regards to the module and not direct to the sensor itself.

By ams0178
Thanks Michele,

What are you intending to use this for out of curiosity? Essentially I'd like to design a safe that grants access when fingerprint matches are found. Essentially all that needs to be connected is the J2/serial connector for a microcontroller, correct? And the sensor itself should complete all fingerprint readings, ID matches, etc. All this is then communicated via J2. Am I reading the documentation correctly?

Thanks, Alan
By Michelle L.

Yeah that's correct. I figure it should take some trial and error in the procedures for enrollment, verification, searching and obtaining the fingerprint template. Like which step comes first but if i understand it correctly, all it requires is to read the buffer for the last step(eg. getting the image to the pc and whatnot). And the standard package for serial transmission makes it alot easier to retrieve and analyse.

By the way, if you see a Chinese character for specifications on math time, its in seconds. I'm not sure why that wasn't translated to English. Just FYI.

But yeah. The interface using J2 to the micro-controller is all that you need to communicate with it.

By ams0178

Great! Thanks for the info. I plan on ordering the fingerprint scanner. I'll let you know how I make out and maybe create a document to post on how to use it if I can figure it out. Good luck to you as well!

By Michelle L.
Alan, you're welcome, and thanks. Will be looking forward to what you come up with =)

Hi guys, also looking at getting one of these for a car ignition authentication project, also a little confused by the relativly lacking command set / packet structure information in the serial document listed here on SF

Anyone manage to get any sucess with it? looking at connecting to a uart on a 18F4550 possibly making use of the onboard usb for pc authentication too
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By FartingMonkey92
In the product pictures, they simply have it linked up to the FTDI chip I/O lines on one of their Koala ProtoBoard's to enable USB connectivity... :wink:
By Michelle L.
i have completed my project based on this FP sensor. Managed to get it up and running and its pretty easy once you get the hang of the serial commands and sequence. I'm quite pleased with this sensor actually.

I have a test software from the manufacturer to communicate with the sensor. PM me your email if you want it.

Sounds good i'll pm it over to you now

How did you find the sensor, is it pretty accurate any false rejections?
By Michelle L.
Yes, It's pretty accurate. There's just one thing about it. Users have to know how to slide and remember how they slide their finger over the sensor. But that could be easily resolved with some form of UI if its intended usage is for the public.

By the way, would you mind pm-ing me your email add again? i don't seem to have any new messages in my inbox.

Thanks :D
Sure just sent it again i think i did a name lookup for you before so it might have gone to the wrong person my bad :oops:

No this will just be for me in my car, no public use

Thanks again


The messages are sitting in the message outbox so i assume they dont move into the sent items until you recieve / open them..
By Memo
does anybody have this running with an arduino? i seem to be at a deadend, even the test software (Thanks Michelle L.) fails to open a connection.

On the arduino i'm simply passing serial data from the USB to the serial of the Slide finger print scanner... doesn't seem to work tho :(

any help would be great...
Code: Select all

#include <AFSoftSerial.h>

// tx and rx on the fingerprint scanner
AFSoftSerial mySerial =  AFSoftSerial(7, 6); 

void setup()  { 
  // open USB connection 
  // open fingerprint connection

void loop()   
  if (mySerial.available()) {
  if (Serial.available()) {
Hi Memo,

i only just received mine today so im afraid i cant offer total support yet but i have got mine talking with the test app via a ftdi usb chip using vcp drivers i have been using a comm port sniffer along with the documentation to figure out the command packets

only thing i can see wrong there is that your using 9600, these are set to 115200 by default, also make sure your using 8 data, 1 stop, no parity and you should be good to go :)
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