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I received an email from XD last week that advertised the XTR VF (Virtual Filament) LED bulbs as "Coming Soon", yet I can't find any info on them anywhere (not even on their own site). Apparently, they were teased in a short video on Facebook back in February but there's been literally nothing about them since then. They were supposed to be released this Spring, but it's pretty much Summer at this point.

These have certainly piqued my interest as I'm still searching for that perfect LED bulb that will perform well in my Accord's brake lights and front/rear turn signals. Even the better bulbs currently available still leave something to be desired in my particular housings, and I feel like this VF design might just succeed where others have failed. The ZEVO and Xtreme Ultinon Gen 1 are good but I don't like the shadow they produce where the bulb sits, which splits the light output down the middle of my car's brake light and turn signal housings. It just looks odd, and lacks the smooth appearance that the stock incandescent bulbs provide. The Tritons don't cast a shadow, but the bulb globe's "virtual filament" optics don't quite sync up with the reflectors in my car's very picky housings. Besides that, they seem to rely more on brute force than precise optics to get the job done, anyway. If the VF can get the optics right AND be at least as bright as a 21W incandescent bulb, it'll be the best LED on the market, hands-down (as long as the price is reasonable, of course).

I can't wait to find out more. Any XD insiders out there have any info they're able to share?