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By RadioOperator
I have a pi-topCEED.
I want to program another Raspberry using the pi-top, if possible.

My questions:
How do I redirect the program that I am writing to the second Raspberry? I am going to assume I will use a USB port on the pi-top to the second Raspberry.

I am using NOOBS OS in the pi-top.

I am using the OS that came with the pi-top with the other Raspberry.

I am using Python as a programming language on the pi-top.

Again, can you provide me with the command (s) that I would use in Python to re-direct the program that I am writing to the second Raspberry?
Would there be a better language to use for programing?
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By TS-Mark
Hi RadioOperator,

This question is a bit beyond the scope of SparkFun's Technical Support so we cannot help you with a direct answer for specific parts/commands to use but I found a few links that might help you get started. Essentially, you just need to create a serial connection between the two Pis. Simply put, you'll just need to link RX and TX on both Pis as well as the grounds for both Pis.

A quick search of "serial communication between two raspberry pis" turned up a couple of resources that might help you get started here. Here are those links:
Raspberry Pi Forum Post
Quick serial communication tutorial

I hope this information helps you get started with this project!