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I am very new to RFID technology. I have mounted SRTR on top of the Redboard and connected to Raspberry PI using a USB cable. And in Node-Red workflow, I have the serial in node and is configured with serial port = /dev/ttyUSB0:9600-8N1
A message debug node is also connected.

I get the msg.payload as ..

A5PinSet_results_part1 0: 1
A5PinSet_results_part1 1: 1 etc A5PinSet_results_part1 5: 0

and continues to give A4TEST: 0 A5TEST: 0 A0-4: 1023 A1-4: 1023 etc ..

Not sure about any of these.

Can someone explain the basics here and the data format the serial in node is showing

As described in other topics, the way you want to connect the Simultaneous RFID reader to your Raspberry PI is not how it should be done. The best / preferred way is to use a separate USB to serial converter. I use the

Other people tried (and like me) failed to get the connection working with the RFID reader on an Arduino- variant. Recently I have done a project to understand WHY it does not work and created a work-around. I have documented that on ... assthrough.