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By Erimads
I have the sound from a tower clock it is in a 64kb fil sampling rate 8khz 8 bit.
I want to burn in into the upper 1/4 part of the flash memory on my freesoc2.
I want to read one byte at the time with a 8khz clock an write to a iDAC8 to get the sound out
to loudspeaker via a transistor. I will use it to a doorbell.

how can I do this the easiest way ?

Regards Erik
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By Santa_Impersonator
This sounds like it is outside our scope. I suggest looking online; otherwise, hopefully, someone from the community can assist.

For a simpler method:
You probably can use some audio editing software to modify your track. If you are able to turn that into an MP3 file, I would suggest looking at the Qwiic MP3 Trigger.