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Hey there, I'm creating a new thread cause I got the Pic32mz board to work with the 64x32 RGB Matrix...

I can display texts and lines but I really want to display Bmp's and/or Jpeg's on the screen. I was wondering if there was any code that could convert the bmp or jpeg into a 64 x 32 image...

The website ... ogramming/ which uses GIMP -> to take a picture and convert it into a lower rez and give hex code for it.

I was wondering if anyone has used this info, created a picture, and got it to work on their pic and led matrix.

I am probably not asking this right but I still want to try. I got the code working and now I just need to get my current working code to display a bmp/jpeg or a gimp picture on the matrix ... hhr3TKy0eI <-- Link to the MPLab Project