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By Guest
Hi all, i'm new to this forum. i have yet to try the trw-24g. i've been looking for a nice low cost transceiver for a product that i'm working on. i see from here that most people like the the trw-24g. but from what i see and have read maybe a transceiver with nordic's nrf905 may be better choice. same functions as with nrf2401 but lower freq and higher power, has a true spi interface, a carrier detect output, data ready output, and an address match output. Plus it still does the shock burst like the nrf2401 chip.

these are just my thoughts

By Marco
Hi Erwin,

Of course, as with any design decision: there is no general 'best transceiver', only a 'best' choice for your application. In your case, I think you also have to take into account that the 24g solution has a smaller antenna (pcb vs l/4), and higher data rate (1 Mbit/s) vs 100 kbit/s, and worldwide license free bands @ 2.4GHz.

I would also appreciate a carrierdetect bit! Maybe the Nordic guys can include it in a new 2.4GHz chip.

If you want easy interfacing to the rest of your system, you could also consider the nRF24E1 chip with built-in 8051 uC, on which you program your own protocol.

- Marco
By Guest
I thought about using that, however i need the power of the mega128 on my receiving end, although bascom has a basic compiler for the 8051, and i need the more power of the 900mhz band so i can go get better range. well matbe for quick development time i could use the 2.4 gig and get product to market and then drop down to 900mhz band except the earlier versions wouldn't be compatable. lots to think about