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By Shanjaq
I am using the RL-00582. Here is how I got it working:

Parts used:
RL-00582 "BlueSmirf" "Firefly", etc...
Arduino(Freeduino SB 2.1) with exposed Serial TX/RX pins
Putty Terminal Client
Some Hookup Wire

Ok here's what I did. You know how the instruction manual says to wire the BlueSmirf's TX pin to your host device's RX pin, and the BlueSmirf's RX pin to your host device's TX pin? What I'm about to describe is a special case:

1. Fire up the Arduino with the following Sketch code uploaded:
Code: Select all
void setup()
void loop() {
2. Hook the BlueSmirf's RTS-0 pin directly to its own CTS-1 pin
3. Hook the BlueSmirf's VCC pin to the +5v Power rail on the Arduino, Ground goes you-know-where.
4. Hook the BlueSmirf's RX pin to the Serial RX pin on your Host Device (Arduino)
5. Hook the BlueSmirf's TX pin to the Serial TX pin on your Host Device (Arduino)
6. Fire up Putty and connect to your Arduino's Serial COM Port # at 115200bps
7. Enter Command Mode ('$$$' in most cases)
8. Set your baudrate to something Arduino can cope with(especially if you're going to use SoftwareSerial!! 'SU,96' should set it to the recommended 9600)
9. Issue the Reboot command ('R,1' in most cases)
10. Re-enter Command Mode ('$$$')
11. Check that your configuration has been updated by issuing the 'D' command
12. Exit Command Mode ('---' in most cases)
13. Profit$$$ :mrgreen:
By haroldocostabentes

i'm working with BlueSmirf in the UberBoard and i puted the BlueSmirf in Auto-connect (DTR Mode) and now, i can't make any thing, the module don't answer any thing too. I've already tried to send the commands "ATFRST", "AT", "$$$" but it continuous don't answer any thing.

I'm using the HyperTerminal.

PLEASE, can someone helpe me :?: :?: :?:

my e-mail is:

i'm needing help.....

P.S.: sorry for the wrong english :!: :!: :!:
By haroldocostabentes
i'm using 115200 bps, on the UberBoard (i think is that baud rate that you are talking about).
I also tried tying the tx+rx together but nothing happened.

the blueSmirf were working very well, but i puted it on Auto-connect (DTR Mode) (SM,4) and after, i tunrned off the module, when i turned it on, the bluetooth didn't work more, i cant put it on the command mode, i can make nothin with it, it's like if the bluetooth didn't listen the commands...

:shock: :shock: :shock: I NEED HELP, PLEASE!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
By Jay C
No, I asked what baud you are using in Hyper Terminal. Is it 115200 too? Based on the new information, it was working and after you changed the setting it no longer does is helpful. I would need to look at the application not to know more about the mode you have it in, as min is a older version of the Smirf.

By haroldocostabentes
oh, thank you, i've got reseted it... i saw a video in youtube and that shows me that i just had to jump the VDD with PIO4...

thanks a lot :!: :!: :!: :!: