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By Guest
Hi, I have to use the 2.4ghz transmitters and recevers and I noticed that the sample code only clocks in 3 bytes. Their is a lot more, did they just trust in the defalt values? I was thinking if I just wanted characters out I would only need 8 bits can someone show me and others how to create the longest possible address and crc check since the wireless transfer is noizy. Then I figured extra payload data could be set to all 0's to find if the data is correct and decrese errors further.
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By sparky
You can clock in as much or as little of the config word as you want.

The code you looked at assumed the default bits in whatever spots that were not clocked in.

You'll need to change the config word for 40-bit addresses and 16-bit CRC.

The shorter the payload, the higher the chance of a successful transmission. If you don't need the data spots, I would shorten the payload.