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By pittuck
Ok well i stated an experiment today with the two RG modules. I ran it for an hour and got some 'results' although i am going to write a new excel program to do it properly....

The Setup:


The Results:

RF-24G Testing:
TX Configuration finished...
RX Configuration finished...
Success Rate: 49 Percent, Average Time: 1262000, Readings 116000

Time is in nano seconds ;)

Lol, better results soon!
By pittuck
Ok then new data!

41.2042% Success Rate
1.262472ms Average time

13,154 Packets Sent

OK, thats with my wifi on, i will turn it off and see what happens...

41.19% Success Rate
1.263ms Average Time

13 962 Packets Sent

So WIFI does NOT affect the modules...

Cool ;)
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By sparky
Nice work! Great pics!

Yea - I had similar results. What's with 50% packet dropping?! I tweaked with some settings but still couldn't get it lower than 25-30%.

Try 16-bit CRC with 40-bit addresses. What settings were you using, btw?

By pittuck
Code: Select all
    23: 0 Payloads have an 8 bit address
    22: 0
    21: 1
    20: 0
    19: 0
    18: 0
    17: 1 16-Bit CRC
    16: 1 CRC Enabled

    15: 0 One channel receive
    14: 1 ShockBurst Mode
    13: 1 1Mbps Transmission Rate
    12: 0
    11: 1
    10: 1
    9: 1 RF Output Power
    8: 0 RF Output Power

    7: 0 Channel select (channel 2)
    6: 0
    5: 0
    4: 0
    3: 0
    2: 1
    1: 0
    0: 0 Transmit mode
Ur large payload example setup.

The 50% was because the calculations were integer on the pic, so no floating points.
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By sparky
Right-o. With really big payloads like that, the chances are greater for a bit to get lost and the CRC to be bad - thus the 24G tosses it out as bad.

Try a smaller payload like 8-10 bytes. I'd really like to see what you get.

By pittuck
ok then,

not today, maybe tomorrow, but i will get on it ASAP ;) stargate now and then college tomorra

By pittuck
With 8byte payload:

59.42848526% Success - 40% dropped
0.00038303 Second Average Time

So 40% dropped matches your earlier statement.

Now then, I tried the lower speed, 250kbps and 8byte payload amazing result:

90.26941758% Success - 10% dropped
0.000277388 Second Average Time

Wow, I will confirm it this evening!!!

Although they both ran for 5 mins, the second one used 24089 packets (less time spent on timeouts) and the first one was only 13264 packets.

I have no idea why the slower speed was quicker!!!

As i say i will make sure these are correct. Mainly by checking that DR goes low after clocking out data, it could be that data is still left in the RX which is packed up on the next loop.

Hehe, 90% is cool tho
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By sparky
Really?!?.... I will have to try this 250kbps setting....

Thanks Pittuck!

By bohra
did u used PIC for it. Is so could i get codes on how to implement it. Didn;t now how to use the RX and TX pin of the pic. The tutorial provided by sparkfun used normal PORTA and PortB pins for clocking in the data and receiving the data. Any kind of help could be highly appreciated.
By pittuck
The code i used was the sparkfun example just moded a bit.

Not sure how else to explain it, if i load the sparkfun 8byte payload example it works with no adaptation. Perhaps u should try getting that to work first...