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By KrazyKarl
does anyone know of any cheapish rf transceivers with a range >=10km?

thanks guys
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By sparky
I've never played with power like that. You would need an amp and some high end antennas. Give Max Stream a gander:

They claim 64km distances but thats probably with the mother-of-all antennas.

By TechieGuy
MaxStream's 9xstream radio can go up to 11 km line-of-sight with just a normal dipole antenna. If you throw on a high gain antenna (like a Yagi) you should be able to get up to 32km.

They also have a new 1-watt radio (9xtend) that can go up to 22km with the dipole and up to 64km with the Yagi.

The development kits cost between $400-500 and you get two radios and everything you will need to set up a solid connection between your two points.
By Ice9
does anyone have any experience with the Wi.232DTS? It looks like just what I'm looking for price and theoretical distance wise. If you have played with them before, what kind of range did you get? I plan on using them over the ocean in a model boat, so line of sight shouldn't be too big of a problem.