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Hello everyone, I just registered on this forum because of course I have a problem that breaks my head for a while, and I really need help before becoming stuck! So here I built a little robot that works on aarduino mega 2600, two small step motor type nema 14 led by easydriver sparkfun and a small DC motor driven by an L298, all controlled by a remote control with 2 joysticks. 1 for motors steps, one motor in the X axis and another on Y, the second for the small DC. Communication with nfr24L01. And it worked very well in the best of worlds. the problem occurred when I added to my robot a compass to have its azimuth and potentiometer to have the degree of elevation of his arm, I wanted the values ​​displayed on my remote via an LCD so bidirectional communication: the remote control sends the values ​​of joystick and receive the values ​​of the compass and the potar and the opposite on the robot. the communication is good but it looks like something comes into conflict with both easydriver and the engines do not respond much like 1/16 step every 2 seconds and I can not understand or I made a mistake. does this come from code or drivers?

PS :excuse my english, but google translation ... :mrgreen: