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By kt
Well here's another dumb RF question I have. I'm trying to combine a PIC16F88 with a wireless RF link. I need to send (one way) small amounts of values (5 or 6 sensor reading) over a 3-4 sec time frame. Reading everything on the support board it looks like I can just interface the Pic's UART to one of the RF transmitter's data pins (this rf txn has 8 data pins). The encoder/decoder for the RF is built in. Does that sound like what I should do? What about the other serial lines, dsr etc.

On the receiver side I would hook up the correct data pin to the serial port recv pin?, along with power and the other lines???? Is this the best way to go about this.... Any help would be 100 times more than I currently know about this.

By Ken
KT and forum,

I have developed a small PCB for the F88 that takes a range of rf modules.

The simplest one uses the AM modules from Telecontrolli (Italy) but the pcb will also take the FM tranceivers on the industry standard footprint.

I use the SNAP protocol to handle the error detection and addressing of the wireless link - see www.hth.com

I have 2 of these devices sending temperature data every 2 seconds to my PC - from my greenhouse and compost heap - about 150 feet away.

I have some bare boards available - $ 10.00 plus shipping.

Contact me if interested