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Wireless Microphone

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:48 am
by C.Norman
I'm trying to build an apparatus that requires a wireless microphone. I want to get a signal from a microphone and send it wirelessly to a DAQ. I was hoping to use a Bluetooth headset with a built in mic (Sony MDC-ZX220BT which supports bluetooth 4.1, AVRCP, HFP HSP SBC). I was thinking of linking it to a RN-52 Sparkfun Audio Bluetooth Breakout and Arduino. However, everything I've read about bluetooth has a Bluetooth breakout connected through a cellphone. Is it possible to have a Bluetooth headset linked to a Bluetooth breakout directly and receive sound from the headset's microphone? Or is there a simpler way to build a wireless microphone that can send an audio signal or audio data to a DAQ or an Arduino and then to a National Instrument's Data Acquisition Unit?