Wirelss/RF For Thousands of Devices

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Wirelss/RF For Thousands of Devices

Post by DougTinVA » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:25 am

I'm considering a project where I will have 2,000-3,000 independent devices. They will be in relatively close proximity -- all within 100 yards or so, max. They can't be wired, but they need to be able to communicate with each other in a mesh network. They don't all have to talk to every other device, but they need to communicate with at least the eight closest neighbors, preferably the 24-30 closest neighbors. Those are all likely to be within 10 feet or so.

Bluetooth doesn't seem feasible for this. Thread seems perfect, but I can't find much available yet. Looking for ideas and recommendations on the right technologies to investigate further.

Note: Given the large number of devices, the components are very price-sensitive.

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Re: Wirelss/RF For Thousands of Devices

Post by paulvha » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:49 pm

Have a look at LORA. This is a network solution that is gaining momentum. It is mend for large scale of sensors with low energy use and can run on battery for longer time (https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/)


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