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By emreitu
Hi I am using XBee pro xsc 900 mHz for RF cummunication. While communicating with XBee via XCTU, I can add the device to the software but the problem is about writing any value to xBee like HP, DT etc.
When I write a value to the xBee and refresh it, it shows a different value than I wrote. Every time I refresh the setting value, it writes a different value which is most probably random. What might be the problem? I am using an usb explorer to connect XBee to the PC.
By pdm
I have used XCTU extensively, although with S2C modules as opposed pro xsc. I have never experienced a similar problem.

When I change a parameter, I immediately write that parameter by clicking the write icon (pen or pencil) next to the field, then I immediately read back the field to make sure it is what I intended it to be. Also, it is easy to inadvertently change some of the fields if you mouse over them while using the mouse wheel, especially if you are intending to use the wheel to scroll down the page. It's actually a bit annoying. If you do this and then go write all of the parameters together, you may change something and not realize it.

I can't think of anything else that would cause random behaviour as you describe, especially if XCTU is discovering your radio module and displaying the contents of the fields without difficulty. I have been using Sparkfun's Xbee Explorer, and the Parallax Xbee adapter with my modules with no problems.