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By steenson94

I have recently purchased the Sparkfun Simultaneous RFID reader (which uses the ThingMagic M6e nano module). I have been using it with an Arduino Uno and using the Sparkfun Arduino library.

It works well for reading tags, but it tends to read tags randomly (or maybe it reads the tag with the strongest RSSI). So, if I had 5 tags sitting, it would tend to return the UID of 1 tag many many times, and occasionally show the presence of others.

For my project, I would like to be able to ask the reader to look for a specific tag, given it's UID. After searching through all of the documentation provided by ThingMagic, I can see that this module can carry out this task easily (by applying and using filters), but the Arduino library does not support this kind of capability, and I'm really struggling implementing this myself.

Is there anyone who has looked at this before and achieved any sort of 'specific tag read/write' operations with this module and Arduino?

I'd really appreciate some help and guidance with this.

By Tash777

I was wondering if you were having any trouble powering your ThingMagic M6e nano module via the Arduino UNO?
Mine will power fine via USB and run my program.
When I switch to a standalone 9v power supply via the UNO my program will not run. I do however see that the red LED on the ThingMagic M6e nano module shield does light up but the program does not run.

Any help would be appreciated.