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By Hobby1
I have wired a Sparkfun Redboard with level converters to the SparkFun RFM69 Breakout (915MHz) board. I have connected everything per the
hookup diagram and verified all connections via ohmmeter. I have also checked all voltages. I do not have a spectrum analyzer.

All example sketches I have tried were uploaded correctly. The serial monitor shows the correct prints for the sketches I have tried.

I used the SFE_RFM69HCW_example.ino and changed the nodes appropriately for the two transceivers. I cannot get the boards to talk to each other.
I am not sure either of the RFM boards are actually working.

I wrote a sketch that simply initializes the transceiver and then calls readAllRegs(). I get FFs returned in all registers.

Anyone have any suggestions?