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By Steve123
I have 4 ESP8266 Thing's and have one of them setup as an AP/Server, the other three "Things" are setup as clients. I copied the code from the Thing "AP-Web Server" and I am able to send the URL from a webpage on my PC to the AP and get the correct response from the Thing. What this project is supposed to do is send a command to the AP/Server and let it know that a signal is high/low on that particular client (Thing). I have been trying to send "client.println("GET /led/0" and other variations of this to the AP/Server but it always sends back the response that is did get the correct parameters. "Invalid Request.<br> Try /led/1, /led/0, or /read."
For now I just want to turn the onboard LED on and off by sending a command to the AP/Server, this may not be the way to do it so I am open for ideas. I've searched all over the place for information but eveything I can find is for the ESP8266 cip itself and people are using the "AT" commands.

If I could get each "Thing" (Thing1, Thing2, Thing3) to send its IP and command to turn the LED on or off that would be great and I could move on but I'm having this rookie problem with not being able to send the command to the AP properly.

I can supply code if that is needed but I just used the ... web-server then the client connects and verifies connection then sends the string via "client.println("GET /led/0"); or "client.println("GET /led/1");

Thank you in advance for your help