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By sparky
I get to toot my own horn simply because I can :wink:

Check out the new Serial Miniature RF Link: http://www.sparkfun.com/shop/index.php?shop=1&cat=62

I just tested out a pair with my little sumo bot. Works great to about 64 paces! (aprox. 64 paces * 3ish ft per pace = 194 ft?)

I even boot loaded to my sumo bot within the room at around 5 ft using standard Bloader/Screamer at 9600bps. :twisted:

It only took me four tries to get the PCB layout right :?

I created this new category to help out other people having problems with RF links. I will try to move over the posting to this new category soon.

By e
that looks cool, 4 tries... not too bad :lol:
out of my price range though :cry:
By thekyle2000
Does the SMiRF take care of all data validation problems so that we only get clean serial data out of it? Can I use 2 remote units together if I don't need USB? Can I use Screamer to send boot loader programming to my own mcu over the SMiRF wireless connection?
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By sparky
The SMiRF takes care of all the packet validation so that you get a clean signal - Yes.

You can easily use two remotes together - but no more (currently). The base and remote units are actually identical, it just that one has a USB connector. You could use a 'remote' attached to your computer by other means.

Boot loading could be done - but you would need to take into account some timing, such as when a packet takes multiple re-transmits, it takes a bit longer than just sending a character down the RS232 port.