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By Mrjohnny5
I've seen some other similar posts posts, but haven't really found any clear answers or examples.

I'm wanting to create some simple show automation, wherein several different development boards with 434MHz RF Receivers are triggered in sync with audio from a single transmitter. Example, at 1min 10 seconds in the show (audio file) Device #1 is triggered and lights up with a routine and Device #2 is triggered and the servo motors do a routine.

What is the simplest way to accomplish the RF part of this with inexpensive RF Receivers? Perfect sync is not necessary, but +/- 1 sec would be nice. What are the terms I should be researching / any example code you could point me too would be much appreciated.
By jremington
You could do this quite easily with the $1 434 MHz transmitter and receiver modules. The transmitter would send a message of a few characters, containing a receiver ID and command.

I would use a $3 Ebay Arduino Pro Mini at each station, with the VirtualWire library.

The range should be at least 30 meters through walls indoors, with an antenna on each end (300 meters outdoors, line of sight, with balanced dipole antennas).