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By Robothito

Has anyone been able to operate the CC3000 (breakout or shield) with a STM32??

I have a STM32 Nucleo (well two actually. a F091 and a F401) and bought both the breakout and shield . And I have not been able to make it work.
I have seen in internet that it is possible, and I ve tried the mbed libraries that are supposed to work with them but to no avail.

My program gets stucked when the micro is waiting for the interrupt that the CC3000 is supposed to send. It never comes..

Take into account that I have tried (the breakout only) with Arduino libraries and it works....

I ll try some debugging next week but in the meantime, if anyone can help me , advise me or point me into the right direction I will be greatly thankful....

(I thought it was a matter of power but in a youtube video it seems that STM32 provides enough power for the CC3000

EDIT: My apologies for the double post. I did it by mistake pressing the button twice. Thanks for correcting it