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By rmeyer
I want to use my Kindle fire to monitor one or more machines I have. I would like to establish a link between an Arduino on my machine to my Kindle so that I can design a webpage to display information and hopefully send commands back to the machine.

I have no need to actually connect to the Internet, I just want my machine to send information to my Kindle Fire for display purposes. Will the ESP8266 wifi Shield do this? Is this where the Soft AP function comes in? I have set up routers before, and I did set up an Internet-connected robot once over a wired connection, but I am not as familiar with wifi.

(My Kindle Fire does have wifi and a decent browser, so I do not see any issues on that end.)

I did read the hookup guide for the ESP8266 Shield, and I searched this forum for similar topics, but most of it seems to be concerned with posting things to the Internet and not so much for direct machine-to-machine communication.

Any guidance is much appreciated.