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By velpenox
Hi all,

I'm from Belgium and own a 34-450 Delta Unisaw that I would like to upgrade.

So far I've got a Danfoss VLT FC 302 and Teknomotor C71/80-B-4023-50-2 which I've fitted into a Tablesaw for following reasons:
-No original motor in the machine, but a 1kW motor.
-Standard european motor size for 3kW is too big to fit the saw (want to keep the saw somewhat original)
-Able to saw different materials
-Use on different machines (thanks to Danfoss' AMA and probably a future project) and therefore on one or multiple remotes that I can mount on the machine or controle in my hand while executing a "2hand" operation :).

Things I want to wireless controle:
-Speed (potentiometer)
-e-stop (wireless???), if not possible, just the off switch puts the sawblade to a stop in 2 or 3 seconds or any other suggestions?

Just to make sure:
My knowledge about VFD's and Remote controls are as good as none, but I sure do wish to learn on the go from you guys!
Any links or tips to get me started?
I'm the only operator for this machine and are aware that there might be risks involved.

Here are some pictures (Please don't mind the messy stuff ;))

VFD to tablesaw can get up to 26'

Thanks up front!