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By Nolebrain
Hello All,

Recently I purchased the RN-52 breakout board from SparkFun. Out of the box I was able to setup the test circuit on a breadboard and stream audio through the module.

For a project I am working on I need to have two RN-52 modules configured in a master to slave setup.
In short, the master RN-52 has a microcontroller connected to it to configure it via serial uart. The master module is designed to receive audio input and stream it to a speaker. The slave RN-52 is connected to a microphone to stream the audio input to the master module.

Before diving too far into the design, my question is are these modules capable of being setup like this? I have read the command list and data-sheet and did not see how to configure pairing via serial uart. This is starting to make me believe that this device can only be operated as a slave device.

If it is not possible, is there another Bluetooth radio with this capability that I can use?

I tried contacting Microchip directly and it is like pulling teeth to get an application engineer on the phone. Any help is much appreciated, this project is very urgent.

Warm Regards,