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All things pertaining to wireless and RF links
By arch-student
Hey everyone!

I want to put together what I think is a fairly simple project featuring wireless control. I think I know the very basics but am unsure of what wireless products would be best or if i'm overlooking anything in general.

My goal is to use arduino to wirelessly control an array of solenoids which need to be able to operate independently of each other.
Sensor/ user input -> arduino -> wireless signal sender? -> many wireless receivers -> solenoids (one per receiver)

What is the best way to approach this? any similar projects that I could use as a basic guide?

Thanks for the help!
By jremington
My approach would be to built a single solenoid controller and get it working.

Then it would be a simple matter to add a transmitter/receiver link that uses a single message to change the state of any number of solenoids.