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By R9samc

I'm trying to create a small device which will collect WiFi BSSIDs (not necessarily connect) then send the BSSIDS via XBee (for range) to another Xbee enabled device which will query a WiFi database like Google to return the lat/long position based on the detected BSSIDs.

So I'm considering the Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing to handle the WIFI collection.

I then need to connect the thing to a XBee to transmit the detected BSSIDs to the device which will perform the query. I'm trying to keep size down and easily integrate battery power so I think the Thing is a good choice.

Is there an easy way to connect the Thing to an XBee shield that will allow communication of the BSSIDs to the XBee for transmitting?
By R9samc

I'm also considering using the Edison because our code is already setup in Python and should work well in Linux.