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By pityocamptes
I am very new to this. I am trying to assist my son with a science fair project. The idea is to control a "dummy head" on basically a pan/tilt gimbal. We were able to make a headtracking unit with the nano and gyro module - signal wire is PPM. We found some code and uploaded it, and tested it with the GUI that was made available with the DIY head tracker code and schematic.

The next step is we would like to plug this head tracker unit (has a PPM signal wire) to a transceiver unit. The receiving end should be able to move the servos up/down - left/right as the user moves their head. It would also be nice to have a switch or push button on the transmitter box that turns a light on at the receiver end (son would like to light up the see through mannequin head). Any help is greatly appreciated. I can follow a schematic, but not so good at coding. Does anyone have a schematic for such a thing or point me in the right direction, or offer some guidance, help? Thank you!