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All things pertaining to wireless and RF links
By activex

I have a custom RC truck toy that I want to control remotely. I have software written to drive and gather sensors feedback. However, at the moment I am relying on local Wi-Fi for communication.

I have a laptop hooked up to the RC truck and have the laptop connect to local WiFi. On a separate computer, I have the computer connect to the same local Wi-Fi and have a PS4 controller connected to the computer. I am running the custom software on this computer to operate the RC truck by using the PS4.

I want to get away from using Wi-Fi by placing some kind of radio/rf transceiver on the RC truck and modify an existent PS4 remote controller (or something similar) to control the truck wireless. Is that possible? What should I buy? I am not a PCB guy so I prefer something plug and play and lightweight.

By stevech
What's the shortcoming of WiFi? Power consumption?

Other than WiFi or Bluetooth, you go into a world where you need advanced C/C++ programming skills. Hardware off the shelf.
which way to go?

Do you need the megabit speed of WiFi?
By activex

The shortcoming of wifi is that I will alway rely on an active wifi connection. For example, if i were to bring the RC toy to the wood then I won't have Wifi anymore to connect.

I prefer off the shelf product. As long as its light weight and any coding langue is find with me.

I want to be able to transfer video with enough fps so that it can be control remotely.