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By Mark L
Can anyone please suggest a way forward troubleshooting this issue I cant seem to get it to enter command mode , serial port is set up 9600 baud RATE, can see the lights on the break out board and the Wifi board D2 light up as the command gets sent..and the D1 green light then starts flashing rapidly but no CMD confirmation.
Have set local echo in the terminal settings as wasn't showing the $$$

Im thinking the WiFly RN-XV might be faulty as the XBee Explorer appears to be working , drivers installed ok new com port 3 visible in Teraterm.
However when i start a new connection there is nothing being displayed coming from the WiFly, if I unplug and plug the dongle back into the USB port the terminal shows as disconnected and then reconnects but nothing displayed in the terminal.
I have enabled local echo so can see the $$$ being entered the WiFly gets the signal as the RX orange LED ? flashes with each key press and the green IP LED then starts flashing rapidly.
I noticed on Jons post on the Terasupport site that you need to enter the $$$ command quickly but not to quick due to a input free 250ms before and after the module is connected..

tried using XCTU as suggested on the Spark fun support pages that doesnt find any radio equipment or allow manual addition.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?