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By randomvibe
My project uses a pair of XBEE Pro Series-1 modules. One sends serial data at 115200 baud and the other receives. Data string is 20 ascii characters.

For troubleshooting purposes, the modules are only 4 feet apart. All functions correctly, but if I cover one of the XBEE modules with my hand without touching any parts, I get intermittent data dropouts (meaning the receiver fails to receive data). If I move away my hand, all functions normally. The spec for range states 300 feet indoor, 1 mile outdoor.

Could a degradation in XBEE performance be caused by my wireless router and/or Apple TV devices (3 total)?

Any XBEE setting or other tip to prevent or reduce these dropouts?
Which Xbee models? Part numbers please. The kind of antenna and RF frequency band makes quite a lot of difference.
Any XBEE setting or other tip to prevent or reduce these dropouts?
In general, there is a powerlevel AT-command. Read the datasheet/manual how to operate the Xbee.

P.S. Placing them too close together can also negatively affect reception reliability.
By Cannibal
Human beings are pretty opaque at 900 MHz, so it could be an issue of blocking the signal, even with a hand - due to the wavelength the spacing between your fingers can look like a solid object.

Another issue that can come up is that your hand/body being near the antenna can actually de-tune it away from the desired operating frequency so it is not only blocked, but is also much less efficient at radiating the desired frequency - you don't have to touch it to de-tune it, just getting within a quarter wavelength ~10cm is enough.
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