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By mchahn
I have an xbee 2 module in each room of my house, each with a temperature sensor. I use my own software to talk to them. It has worked great for over a year.

I also have smarthome lights controlled with insteon but the bulbs keep dying and are very expensive. I need to replace them with much cheaper GE link bulbs that support the zigby light-link protocol.

I have googled a lot but not found any way to control the bulbs with my xbee 2 modules. I don't have the bulbs yet but I am trying to figure out what I can do before I get them.

Has anyone controlled a light bulb with xbee? How did you do it? Also, any random ideas would be appreciated.

I read somewhere that digi xbee doesn't support inter-pan and therefore cannot pair with a light bulb. But inter-pan is for going between zigbee networks and I plan on just extending my current one, not add any new network.