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By adel57
i am new in using this module and i want to ask if i want to make 9 channel RC for quadcopter with NRF24L01, could i do this and if yes or no , how many channel i could use with NRF24L01 ?
By Cannibal
Hi Adel, to my understanding there are a few different meanings of the term 'channel' when we talk about these systems.

From the point of view of the RC quadcopter my impression is that a channel is a single control actuator - I think this dates back to the days when RC aircraft were controlled by analog signals, where each flap/control surface and throttle all had their own analog signal over the air that would push them one way or another.

In the context of the NRF24L01 a channel is a ~1 MHz band within the 2.4 GHz spectrum that it uses for digital communication. Within any given channel you tell it to work on you also have multiple addresses that the device can be set to transmit to and receive from - the idea is that this way you can have multiple devices on the same channel but they will ignore messages that aren't addressed to them.

For the purposes of controlling a quadcopter it doesn't matter how many channels of control you want, you can convert it all to digital data and send it over a single link of the 2.4 GHz radio - the 2.4 GHz radio doesn't care how many 'channels' you send as long as it fits within the available bandwidth.

I might be completely wrong so please do double check my advice, but this is my impression of the situation from a guy who has never controlled an RC plane in his life.
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