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By transistortoaster
Is there an existing software port for WRL-13287 ESP8266 on the Arduino Due?

The due does not use the SoftwareSerial.h library and gives compilation errors when using examples bundled with SparkfunESP8266WiFi.h. I see two paths: either use some other software serial library, or use jumper cables to get to the Serial1 on pins 19 (RX), 18 (TX) (or the other Serial2, Serial3 hardware serial ports). I found "soft_uart.h" by Antonio C. Dominguez-Brito , just I am already using hardware timers that would conflict with the code and would have to change a lot of things.

I will post my adaptation.
By transistortoaster
I did some testing with a standalone ESP8266 module, part number WRL-13678. I would need to re-solder of WRL-13287 the voltage translator circuitry because the Due is getting above 3.3V. Still, for the purpose of trying out the drivers, the WRL-13678 suits the job.

I commented out all the SoftwareSerial.h of the drivers. I removed all _serial and replaced with Serial1. I had to force the baud rate to 115200. The
Code: Select all
had to be replaced with
Code: Select all
. I am still having some problems, but it is now the router not permitting the login. I have the ESP8266_Serial_Passthrough sketch from the examples folder responding fine to AT commands.
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