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By squallara
Greetings to all,

I am a student doing a project in which I have to create a product which will communicate with an Ipad through Bluetooth.

My product needs to send and receive data to the Ipad.

I am using an Arduino Uno microcontroller to program my Bluesmirf

At my first attempt I couldn't find my device from the Ipad's bluetooth (I am not sure if it is because of the BLE) but when I tried make the Inquiry through the Command Mode of my Bluesmirf, I found the MAC address of the Ipad and I tried to connect with it and I did it (also now Ipad it can see it and I have paired them).

I have put it on the Auto-Connect mode so now whenever I turn on my Arduino,the bluesmirf auto-connects with my Ipad.

The thing I cannot understand is how I can transfer and receive data between them.

I have built a unity program in which when I click a button it sends the action to arduino, then the arduino send it to my bluesmirf and then bluesmirf order the unity what to do with an object and it works, but this works for my pc.I mean that the bluesmirf is connected with the COM port that my PC's Bluetooth use.
So in Unity I try to open the SERIAL port in which the 2 Bluetooth communicate and then they are connected (The led of Bluesmirf becomes Green).

The thing is that I want to make this happen when I have the application on my Ipad not in my computer. I made a research and I found that iOS devices doesn't support SPP communication but I guess that if I succeeded pair my Bluesmirf RN42 module with Ipad then there must be a way to send and receive data from the Ipad right?

Please if any of you know how to do it send me a reply.
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