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By 1 what
Hello SparkFun Forum.

2 year old Dell “business” desktop
Windows 7 with all updates
2 x brand new XBee PRO S1
1 x SparkFun XBee Explorer Dongle
1 x SparkFun XBee Arduino Shield+Arduino UNO V3 programmed with “XBee_Remote_Control.ino” from the SparkFun Xbee Shield Hookup Guide ... 1426219622
XCTU – current version with compatibility mode set to Windows 7

Using the Serial Monitor and the XCTU Console (as in the Hookup Guide) everything seems to work OK
i.e. If I ask the “dongle XBee” to request the “Arduino Shield XBee” to read analog pin 0 “a0” it works (I have a LDR giving a varying voltage to Arduino pin A0).
But if I set the XCTU to send a repeating looped sequence of “a0” with 500uS delays it works for a couple of minutes then the XCTU console appears to freeze.
This often happens around 4000 to 5000 Rx bytes
The DIN and DOUT lights on the 2 XBees continue to operate which seems to suggest to me that they are still communicating. The top left hand Tx/Rx icon on the XCTU console has arrows going backwards and forwards indicating data transfer but the rest of the console is frozen.
See images. ... UsLWNq.jpg ... toKqNN.jpg

The only way to recover the situation is to close XCTU, remove the “dongle XBee” and start again.

I’ve reinstalled XCTU and swapped my first 2 XBee PRO for another new pair (I’d purchased 4 units) and still the same thing happens. …. What am I missing?
By alberto.bussini
I'm actually in the same problem with the same type of test (Sending continuosly potentiometer value from Arduino+Xbee to the Computer+Xbee+XCTU)!!! Did you solve it? :D :D :D