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By ricrellim
I just purchased a HackRF and the ANT500 on Friday and I cannot get it to listen to anything.

I set it up on windows with SDR# and everything seems cool as far as software and drivers go, but...... I get the same junk with or without the antenna attached.

I cannot even pickup AM or FM stations. I live in Boulder and would be happy to swing by and plug in another HackRF just to verify if this one is truly bad.

I am super excited to experiment with this product, any help to get it working would be great.
By ricrellim
I hooked up a friends RTL-SDR dongle to my laptop and it works perfectly. I just put in a RMA request for my faulty HackRF.
By davit7487
Please provice some information about hackrf device, Can it really accept and transmitt signals (including rolling
codes) can someone help me to use the device? Which is correct program to operate?
For technical help, I can support financialy the adviser. Thanks for time and attention.