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All things pertaining to wireless and RF links
By maroonbrownie
I've been working on a project this past couple of weeks. The microcontroller is sitting in a box in a car recording data and I would like that data to be sent to my computer where I could monitor it. I figured that it would be ideal to use the Xbee to perform this action.

I have an Xbee and its shield from Sparkfun but I can't seem to find information that allows me to achieve what I want to. Mostly what I have seen is information on Xbee-to -Xbee communication. I can't find anything on Xbee to PC communication.

Is this even possible or do I have to have 2 Xbees?

Y'alls help would be really appreciated!!!

-Maroon Brownie
By waltr
The XBee is a Wireless Link so for this you need two.
If you do not need a wireless link then you do not need any XBee.

An XBee is not the correct device to record data. It only has a very small serial data buffer (about 40 bytes).
An Arduino with an SD card would be a reasonable choice for a data recorder.
By maroonbrownie

sorry I guess I created some confusion about what I meant.

I do have an arduino and an sd card doing the data logging. I intend to use the XBEE for only transmitting data from the arduino to the PC.

So as you mentioned, I would need two Xbees? I would need one Xbee to receive the data being transmitted by the other xbee?

Thanks for the help!!
By waltr
Yes, you need Two to have an RF Link.
Sounds like you have NOT done the research required to use these. If you had you would not ask that question.
So go do goggle searches and do do a lot of reading.
By stevech
A little wireless 101 reading is recommended.
A transmitter needs a receiver. A broadcast AM radio station's transmitter sends a signal that is received by the radio in your car - which is a kind of receiver.
The XBees are "transceivers", meaning they can transmit and receive (data), much like a hand-held walkie-talkie can transmit and receive speech.