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By pbair
When I have my nRF24AP1 with Trace Antenna connected to a 3.3v source and gnd, my multimeter is telling me that the RX pin is short-circuited to gnd (0 ohms). When I remove the power source there is no short between the RX pin and gnd (inf ohms). Is this the behavior I should expect? I've been unable to get any response from my nRF24AP1 when I send ANT messages to it.
You cannot use a multimeter to measure ohms in a powered circuit. In normal operation, a multimeter uses its internal battery to establish a current through the resistance being analyzed, which is reported in terms of ohms.
That makes sense. My experience is very limited. I've also noticed that there is 3.3v between gnd and the RX pin, but 0V at the TX pin. Would this indicate an issue with the transceiver if the RX and TX pins are not connected to anything?
Your multimeter is unlikely to be very helpful at this point. What you need to do is make sure you are connecting the RX and TX pins properly and are using a serial interface with the proper voltage levels and baud rate. Have you read through the user guide and interface guide? What microprocessor are you using to send or receive messages with the RF module?