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By adriangcooke

I am using the code from to read information from the Nordic USB Ant stick. The demo works and gets information from the USB stick. I use Linux Ubuntu 11.10 and the original author Martin and I started a google group to handle requests on how to get this library working at ... pen-source .

The default Baud rate for the Nordic USB ANT Stick is 4800 Baud when shipped from the factory. On the web page, it states "The nRF24AP1 breakout board can be configured to operate at different baud rates by closing two solder jumpers. The board is shipped with settings for 4800bps."

I have been a few years a way from electronics and cannot see which two jumpers should be soldered and how to solder them to increase the baud rate. I would like to have the fasted baud rate that the USB stick can handle. Does anyone know how to modify the Nordic USB ANT Stick to get a faster baud rate?

Kind Regards,
Adrian Cooke
By deswong
There should be a BR1 and a BR2 on the rear of the board - these can be soldered across which then will change the baud rate for the receiver.

I don't know which ones need to be bridged for what, except leaving them unbridged gets you the 4800baud async.

The options are 4800baud, 19.2Kbaud, 38.4Kbaud and 50Kbaud. Guessing this is just a binary figure - so BR2 closed, BR1 open would give 19.2k, etc.